About Us

We believe that being at home and spending time in nature should go hand in hand. Therefore, our mission is to bring people closer to their roots by building houses with comfortable layouts and relaxing indoor spaces, which encourage this closeness.

Each VERANDA range house has a terrace and an open-air porch that make for great recreational spaces. It's your home's most well-lit area that is perfect for hosting intimate events for guests, enjoying the early spring sun, or your daily yoga practice.

Our brand new offering, the multi-functional SHELTER house range, is available to order right now. This compact design will provide a brilliant solution for young families and outdoor enthusiasts who wish to elevate their winter and summer holiday experience.

In partnership with the internationally renowned architect Guntis Zingis, we perfected our design for five years, focusing on quality and excellent environmental sustainability. Every project we complete makes the world a greener place, and we'd love for you to be part of this journey.


Located in Latvia, one of the greenest and most-forested countries in the region, we produce sustainable and energy-efficient apartment-sized houses.